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Food in Ernakulam

Being a part of “the land of Spices”, Ernakulam brings forward a unique culinary proficiency, with the tastiest variety of food that remains appreciated by the rest of the world. Kerala is known for its delicious lip-smacking traditional cuisine and taking its cue Ernakulam provides some of the best option in food styles which is a must savor for every traveler.

The traditional style of Ernakulam is to serve food in banana leaf and preparing dishes with coconut and a lot of spices giving it a tangy taste punched with much use of tamarind. However, the foods are usually much aromatic and hugely flavored which makes it quite different from every other food style of the country.

Multi Cuisine in Ernakulam

The staple food for the people of Ernakulam is the tastiest variety of sea food. They are specialized in unique preparations of fish curry which they usually serve with a plate of hot rice. Some of preferred fish consumed here are sardines, tuna, mackerel, shark, rays and even oysters, crab and mussels. “Fish Moilee” is the popular name for fish curry whereas “Karimeen” is referred to fried fish. With huge availability of fresh prawns they are much used in the non vegetarian dishes.

Apart from these vegetables, meats are also quite popular in this part of the state. Actually the cuisine here is based completely on the resources found here in huge quantity resulting into simple yet marvelous cuisine.

Some of the popular foods of this part of the state are detailed below


This is a traditional meal which includes vegetable curries, boiled rice, savories, side dishes, pickle and desert. This is a typical vegetarian meal served on banana leaf.

Malabar Biriyani

One of the specialised variety of food much preferred in this part of the state is the highly flavored and aromatic Malabar Biryani served with chicken, mutton or egg.

The Tangy Rasam

Influencing the English 'Mulligatawny Soup', this is a tangy deviation, with a blend of pepper corns and chilli powder, boiled and mixed in tamarind juice

Pulissery and Moru

Pulissery is nothing but buttermilk with some distinctive flavors added to it and blended well with turmeric powder and green chili paste. Whereas Moru salted buttermilk served with special toppings of chopped ginger and green chilies.


This is a popular side dish which is a combination of several well available vegetables like potato, drumstick, pumpkin etc and served with coconut sauce.


Appam is a variety of pancake made out of fermented rice batter which is soft in the middle with crispy edges. This is often consumed with mutton or chicken stew and it remains garnished with coconut sauce and curry leaves.


Puttu is a variety of steam cake made of rice flour and served with steamed bananas.

Banana Chips

One of the most popular variety of snacks, banana chips are nothing but deep fried sliced bananas topped with honey or sugar to make a sweet variety of the dish or served with salt and spices to have a spicy style.

Tapioca Chips

This particular variety of snacks is made from thin sliced tapioca fried in coconut oil and mixed with specified spices.


Made out of wheat flour or rice flour and prepared with salt and water this particular dish is usually served with curry. In Ernakulam the dish is also served with sweet coconut milk in main course or in breakfast.


A lot of variety of Payasam is available in this part of the state made out of multiple combinations of wheat, rice, vermicelli, fruits, jiggery, starch bases and coconut milk.

Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Ernakulam

Apart from this special Kerala cuisine, Ernakulam also has availability of some of the best foods from all over the world. It has some of the finest restaurants comprising of Chinese, Italian, Muglai, Rajasthani, North Indian Punjabi and Sea food cuisines which cater the preference of the multi cultural society present in Ernakulam. Be it vegetarian or non vegetarian one can find almost all types of food styles in the district. Some of the best restaurants in Ernakulam includes Mainland China Restaurant for Chinese Cuisine in Kadavanthara, Ernakulam, Ali Baba and 41 dishes in Panampilly Nagar for Muglai,dishes, Ginger House Restaurant at Matancherry for Italian preparations, Zaika Restaurant for North Indian dishes at Ernakulam North, Tandoor Punjabi Restaurant for Punjabi food at Layam Road Abaam Hotel at Vytilla for sea food preparations.

Coffee Shops in Ernakulam

A best place to relax your mind and sip on a hot cup of coffee or some aromatic variety of tea is none other than the exclusive coffee shops present in Ernakulam. The district has the best variety of delicious coffee joints along with some branches of the branded shop “Café Coffee Day”. Some of the popular coffee shops in Ernakulam are Mohan Coffee Shop at MG Road, Coffee cube at Convent Junction, Café Canopy at Abad Plaza and many others.

Wine Shops in Ernakulam

Ernakulam has some of finest wine shops present in the district which serves quality products at the best prices. Some of these shops are

Seagull Bar
Seagull Hotel, No.2/18, Calvathy Road
Fort Kochi, Kochi, Ernakulam Kerala 682001
Phone: 484 2218128

Jade Bar
Lotus Eight Hotel, Cls Building, 1st Floor
Opp International Airport, Vapalassery
Nedumbassery, Ernakulam Kerala 682572
Phone: 484 2610640

Edge Executive Bar
Nyle Plaza, Nh Bye Pass, Vyttila
Ernakulam Kerala 682019
Phone: 484 4120000

For all those who prefer to have quality foods but in reasonable rates, the best options are the budget restaurants like Inchino at Kaloor, Ernakulam or Mamma Mia, the Food court at Thirkkakara which can provide delicious dishes at the cost of a couple dining would be around Rs 600- Rs 750.

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