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Healthcare Facilities in Ernakulam

Healthcare Facilities in ErnakulamHealthcare facilities are the most important parameter from the administrative point of view in any city, district or state. It is one of the primary requirements of people and that is why special care is taken to make it absolutely the best in every way.

Ernakulam is a district spread over an area of 2068 sqkm with a total population of 3279860. The city administration understands its responsibility to this huge population and that is why Ernakulam is equipped with excellent medical services with the joint efforts of government and private hospitals. The efforts are also nurtured by most efficient and expertise from the country as well as abroad making the medical facilities stronger and useful. The amenities used in these hospitals are all modern and latest technology based and the treatment procedures are at par with the leading countries.

In Ernakulam, medical treatment are conducted through allopathic treatment, homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment. In all types of treatment there are government supports for the people who are in absolute need of it.

Hospitals in Ernakulam

In Ernakulam district, there are several government hospitals, primary health care centers and community health centers which altogether takes care of the health care requirements of the district.

General Hospital Ernakulam is a state-owned hospital which started its operation in the year 1845. It may be noted that the services of the hospital is highly subsided and it remains funded by the State Government. Even the person who falls under Below Poverty Line gets medical facilities absolutely free. Almost all kinds of medical treatment are done here under the supervision of highly qualified doctors in every genre. There are separate departments or wards like cardiology, eye, children, oncology, orthopedic, gastroenterologist, ENT and maternity wards where crucial cases are taken into consideration and specialized doctors in these fields provides medical treatment. There are pathology labs at the government hospital where all kinds of tests are done free or at much subsidized rates.

Several health schemes introduced by the Government Public Health system are also maintained here and the benefits given.

There are several PHC or Primary Health care centers and Community Health Centers or CHC in Ernakulam district. The Health centers are divided according to the several Taluks present in the district. Each Taluk has their own allotment of Government Hospital, 24X7 PHC, Standard PHC Centers and CHC Centers. There are almost 23 CHC centers operating in Ernakulam district with more coming on. Some of these centers are CHC Palluruthy, CHC Moothakunnam, CHC Ezhikkara, CHC Mulanthuruthy, CHC Keechery, CHC Koothattukulam, CHC Pampakuda, CHC Edappally, CHC Malipuram, CHC Malayadumthuruthu and others. Apart from this 23 PHC centers are there in the district which have 24X7 operation for emergency medical help. Apart from this there are almost 40 standard PHC centers to cater the health problem of people across the district. In a whole it may be concluded that there is a good network of medical health centres and hospitals to take care of people in every way possible.

Apart from usual medical care and treatment, the public health department in collaboration with the private hospital administration, organize health camps as well as public health awareness camps to impart knowledge on several critical diseases, on healthy living and hygienic environment. They often arrange for free health camps to help people faster with their health issues. Several vaccinations are also done in these camps to prevent any spreading diseases.

Just like the government hospitals there are plenty of private reputed hospitals and Nursing Homes which also take part in curing the people of the district. These private organizations are costlier as compared to the government ones but they have huge facilities which are not always available in Government Hospitals. They have extreme modern treatment facilities along with assistance of high-end doctors which make treatment in these hospitals extremely good. Some of the popular private hospitals are Medical Trust Hospital, Lisie Hospital, Amrita Institute of Medical Science and Research, Sunrise Hospital etc.

Apart from general private hospitals which are equipped to treat all kinds of health issues, there are specified hospitals and nursing homes which caters to integral health issues of a particular type or organ and have doctors specialized and super specialized in that subject only. For example for eye treatment there is KPM Eye Hospital, Vasan Eye Care Hospital etc, for ENT GV ENT center, Vijaylakshmi ENT center, for orthopedic problems there is Devi Hospital Pvt Ltd, for mental problems there Bethseda Mental Hospital, Kusumagiri Mental Health Center etc, for children there is Evershine Hospital and for Maternity one can refer to Salys Surgical Maternity Hospital.

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Homeopathy Treatment in Ernakulam

Homeopathy is a successful stream of medical treatment which is known to cure several diseases if detected at the correct time. Some of the country renowned homeopathy doctors have their chambers in Ernakulam district and they cure diseases like hair loss, skin problems, allergy, thyroid, cancer, ulcer, piles, kidney problems, ENT problems, Asthama, Weight issues and many others. Some of the popular Homeopathy doctors and their Clinics in Ernakulam are Dr Batra’s Positive Health Care, Safe Cure Homeopathy, Sanjivini Homeopathy and others.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Ernakulam

Ayurvedic medicine is considered to be the oldest medium of medical treatment and introduced in the country about 3000 years ago. The main agenda of Ayurvedic medical treatment is special diets, herbal compounds and specified health practices. It is also a fact that Ayurvedic medicine is absolutely herbal but the same should never be taken without the guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor or Trained practitioner. So to guide the people of Ernakulam the district has some of the best Ayurvedic doctors who have been practising for years and have huge experience in the field. Just like allopathic field of medical treatment there are specified Ayurvedic doctors for heart, eye, gastric problem, kidney problem, Arthiritis etc as well as general Ayurvedic doctors looking after all. Some of the best Clinics in Ernakulam district are Ayurgruham Ayurvedic Hospital, Satha Ayurvedic Clinic, Punarnava Ayurvedic Hospital etc. Click here for more ayurvedic clinics in Ernakulam

Veterinary Clinics in Ernakulam

Veterinary Clinics have ultimate importance for the pet owners who consider their pets as part of their family. In Ernakulam, this sentiment is never missed and that is why the district has a number of experienced veterinary doctors and well equipped clinics. There are 24X7 veterinary chambers which can also be accessed in case of emergencies. Specialist Veterinary Surgeons are also there who perform critical operations on the sick animals. There is a Government Veterinary Hospital in Ernakulam district which takes care of multiple sick animals. Some of the best Veterinary Hospitals in Ernakulam are

Cochin Canine Pet Clinic
No 49/1136, CRA No 61, Thiyyadiyil Road
Edapally, Changampuzha Road
Ernakulam Kerala 682024
Phone: 8606607123, 484 3916290, 484 4063970
Website: www.cochincaninepetclinic.com

Government Veterinary Hospital
Rama Varma Club Road, Ernakulam Ho
Ernakulam Kerala 682011
Phone: 9388604258, 484 2351264

Pet Animal Clinic
Sn Junction, Kaloor
Ernakulam Kerala 682017
Phone: 9846054259, 9446747505, 484 2342418

Veterinary Hospitals Manjapra
Thadiampadu, Manjapra, Ernakulam Kerala 683581
Phone: 484 235668

Apart from this there are Clinics of experienced Veterinary Doctors like Dr T S Vijayan in Edapally, Dr Sunil Kumar in Maradu, Dr Mathew George in Mattancherri, Dr N K Muraleedharan in Palluruthy etc.

Pathology Labs in Ernakulam

Medical treatment is a procedure which involves accurate and precise diagnosis of illness. Like the development in medicine and treatment procedures, there has been a huge progress in medical diagnosis. A number of tests have been introduced which helps in identifying the disease and in turn assist in quick treatment.

With this initiation in medical treatment process, there has been a huge demand of pathology labs, ultrasound labs and blood collection centres which help in early diagnosis of any kind of diseases. Today these testing labs are the backbone of good treatment and no doctors prefer to initiate any treatment without the reports of tests from authorised labs. In most of the government and private hospitals in Ernakulam there is pathology labs attached with the hospitals whereas there are private labs too spread across the district. The testing labs in Ernakulam are some of the best ones in terms of reputation and accurate reporting.Some of the pathologies have convenient services like home collection and email delivery of reports which helps in getting a faster service altogether.

One of the most well known and accurate medical lab is DDRC SRL diagnostics Pvt Ltd which have branches in several places across Ernakulam district and have well acceptance among multiple high end doctors. It is also reasonably priced which helps the budget friendly public. Some of the other popular pathology labs include Neethi Diagonistic Centre, Sree Narayana Labortary, Hi tech Diagonistic Centre and many others.

In a nutshell, it won’t be a mistake to conclude that Ernakulam district has some of the finest arrangements in regards to good medical facilities and treatment. The district is equipped to cater any kind of medical emergencies with the number of hospitals, efficient doctors and latest treatment facilities. However for the travelers it is better to be careful regarding health issues. Some preventive measures like avoiding unhygienic places, polluted drinking water and unhygienic food can help in being in best of health conditions.

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