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Lifestyle in Ernakulam

Lifestyle in ErnakulamBefore speaking of the lifestyle of Ernakulam, it is very important to understand the historical background of the district as well as the strong cultural influences that has forced its mark on the area.

Ernakulam has been a district carved out of Kochi-Malabar kingdoms. It has strong cultural influences of that era which is still visible in the lifestyle of people of the district today. Apart from this it is also a fact that the district remained invaded by various races like Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Portugese for years in the ancient and medieval period for exclusive trade relations. This invasion has also retained a western cultural mark in the lifestyle of people. Till today Ernakulam serves as the commercial capital of the state and in turn remains exposed to multi-cultural people with various ideas on modern lifestyles.

It must be noted that people of Ernakulam are extremely proud of their heritage and accepts the goodness of their rich culture and customs of life. But along with this they also acknowledge the importance of modern living, its benefits and utilize the latest technologies to upgrade their means of living.

One of the prominent features in this cadre is the inclusion of facilities slimming centers, body fitness classes, gymnasiums, beauty salons, designer clothing available in Boutiques and the awesome spas in the lifestyle of the people of Ernakulam.

Gymnasium in Ernakulam

Fitness has been always in the priority list of the people of Ernakulam. They understand the values of great health and good diet and that is why they hesitate to take the necessary steps towards healthy living. Exercising has always been a major medium of being fit and healthy and the best guidance in this genre is provided by the excellent and well-renowned fitness centers and gymnasium present in the district. The main benefits of these fitness centers are the fact that they have well trained and experienced trainers who knows exactly what to do and how to do to remain absolutely in shape and healthy.

In some, there are master trainers, personalized trainers, dieticians as well as physiotherapists to guide on the best ways of being fit. Some of the popular training given at these gymnasiums are Weight Training, Cardio training, Aerobics, Steam/Sauna, Spin Cycle studio, Yoga, Spa and others. These trainings are useful in curing some of the common diseases like obesity, low weight, diabetes and arthritis or joint pain.

For the interested customers these fitness centers have special rate packages and customized gym schedules so that they get the best rates with maximum benefits here. Some of the best and country renowned gymnasium are present in Ernakulam district like Gold’s Gym, Talwalkers Gym, Fitinn Welness etc.

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Beauty Parlor in Ernakulam

In Ernakulam district there are multiple numbers of beauty parlors and hi-end salons which can be accessed for the best of skin treatments, body therapies, skin glow, hair treatment, bridal makeup, party styling and many others services. They have the widest range of services and the same is performed by professionals and experts in the field. Apart from this there are also specified beauty parlors for permanent tattoos, laser treatment and nail arts. Latest technologies are used in these parlors to give the best effect. Availability of both ladies and gents parlor make it convenient for all to have the best of services. Some of the popular parlors here are Ag Fashions and Beauty Parlor, Hair Affair Family Beauty care Studio, Bounze Style Lounge, Ahalya Beauty care center etc.

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Boutique in Ernakulam

The concept of fashion has increased its arena in a huge way in the last few years. Designers come up with various kinds of styling, multiple use of colors, diverse mixing of fabrics that results into a perfect set of clothing for each mood and way of living. In Ernakulam there is an ultimate amalgamation of addiction towards traditional ethnic wear as well as affection for trendy and stylish western wear. People here love to experiment with their looks especially for its multicultural enviourment. To support this interest of the inhabitants of Ernakulam district, there are multiple boutiques or dress designing shops across the district area. Many of them are based in MG Road which is considered the busiest area of the district.

The best part of the boutiques in Ernakulam is the fact that they understand the requirement of the people here and they design in such a way that there remains a perfect blend of traditional and western touch in every dress. Another interesting factor of the boutiques in Ernakulam is that, apart from boutiques for adults there are quite a few well known boutiques for children too with the best of collections for the kids and teens. They design for several occasions for the little ones and are quite popular and in demand among the people of the district. Some of the best boutique in Ernakulam is Image Fashion Boutique, Chandra Kantha, Eynes Boutique, Saashe Boutique etc.

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Spa in Ernakulam

Kerala being a preferred destination for spa tourism has significant contribution in this development and being an integral part of the state, Ernakulam has ample contribution by having some of the best spa centers in the district. Equipped with trained individuals these spa centers have arrangements to facilitate customers with all kinds of spa treatments. Some of the best treatments available in the leading spas of Ernakulam are Classical Swedish Spa which focuses on relieving stress in the traditional European style, Aromatherapy which is a special treatment with pre-blended essential oils that induces energy levels, hot stone therapy which targets on pain and ache across various body parts, Sports massage which aims at increasing stamina and flexibility, Cleopatra Milk bath for refreshment and good skin, Balinese massage that induces blood circulation and Reflexology which is a way of relaxing by putting pressure on specific points of hand and feet with exclusive techniques.

Some of the popular spa centers in Ernakulam are Haridra Spa, Miami Holistic Spa, Lantana, Greentrends etc.

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Ayurvedic Body Massage Centers in Ernakulam

Kerala has always been famous for its medicinal and exclusive ayurvedic roots across the world. Utilizing this treasure the state has promoted various ayurvedic treatments through body massage curing a lot of chronic and critical diseases. In Ernakulam district there are some of the best Ayurvedic Body Massage Centers which has various treatment facilities much preferred by both the inhabitants as well as the visitors of the district. Some of the best and huge popular massage therapies like Pizhichil, Nzavarkijhi, Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Elakijhi, Ubtaan and Abhyangam are practiced here.These special massages are done with ayurvedic roots and oil which are believed to have healing powers for various health issues. There are separate centres for ladies and gents for the convenience of all. Some of the popular Ayurvedic Body Massage Centers in Ernakulam are Natural Ayurvedic Spa, Tulsi Ayurvedic Massage Center, Ayurvedic Health Resort etc.

It may be noted that Ernakulam is a district possessing progressive thinking, and bold attitude towards better living and acknowledges the fact that there are benefits in the modern style of living and utilizing the same is best for all. However, this does not mean that they compromise in the traditional values but they respect that with open eye to growth and development.

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